February 7, 2010

That's how we did it

Global financial crisis? What crisis?

Yes, we're smug.

The whole GFC thing passed us by.

His Ruddness not only likes to take credit, but is freely given credit by no end of commentators who are quite convinced that a thousand school halls and an influx of pink ceiling bats in the 'burbs saved the country, because, you know, three or four tradies were unemployed and the end of the lucky country was nigh.

Real story is that plucky little Aussies ate and drank and went to the chemist an awful lot during the last year, thus staving-off a recession.

Bugger the waistline, we did it for our country.

A nation cocooned by drink, drugs and burgers


  1. I really did go to the chemist a lot last year. I want another handout for my expensive but ultimately economy saving actions.

  2. Nails - I kept the economy going by my continued investment in mascara. Should be tax deductible, quite frankly.

    Really hope you've come good, and are not having to continue to frequent the local pharmacy.

    Although one can meet a wide cross section at the pharmacy, which is delightful, if one enjoys cross sections.