January 9, 2010

Pipe dream

Only eight days into the new year and the ever alert Kathy has spotted the first penis mis-step of 2010.

Having found himself with a pipe attached to his penis ... ooops ... seven firefighters bearing a metal grinder came to the rescue of man in Britain.

A spokesperson for the fire service said:
"It's certainly an unusual call-out and I'm sure the man won't be getting into that situation again."
Man's penis cut free with grinder


  1. I never knew that people could find plumbing so erotic. Takes all sorts!

  2. I'm sure he was trying to clear a blockage Dan.

    Lesson for all men: call a tradie!

  3. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I think a lot of women don't realise just how easy it is for a man to fall over, or slip - and then find that his prick has found its way into an inconviently positioned open ended pipe.

    I've brought this problem to the attention of my local council with the hope that all open pipes be fitted with an anti-penis mesh, but ALL the male councillors won't have a bar of it and ALL the female councillors didn't believe.

    Oh well, I bet we will be hearing about more pricks in pipes as the years go by.

    At least I tried - ooooops - damn!


  4. Well dah - isn't it just awful that such obvious steps aren't taken to protect the penis Justin?

    And there you are, waving the peni .. err ... the flag, doing all you can to fix this public health hazard.

    I bought a new vacuum cleaner not so many years ago, and was there a large warning about not inserting penises? Nope, not even a small warning. Outrageous! This is a known risk of vacuum cleaner use.

    And carrots. Where do we start? How many truck drivers have accidentally sat on a carrot or zucchini? Yet there are no warnings in the fresh food section of supermarkets.

    There is much to be done Justin, much to be done.

  5. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Yes, there is much to be done Caz and I reckon all them truckies out there are doing it (or getting around to it) - as we speak.


    PS. I had a mate who stuck his penis in a vacuum cleaner - he was just mucking around, and then his girlfriend turned it on before he could get his dick out - hehehehe.

    At least she got the night off - he went to the pub to recover.

    PPS. I won't mention anything about an ex who just loved the fruit market - it would appear women, like men, can also be attracted to all sorts of stuff - we truly are strange creatures, but would we have it any other way?


  6. If there's an orifice to be found, humans have an urge to fill it Justin.

    I'm not entirely convinced that that's our most attractive or alluring quality.