January 22, 2010

Code Pink

I've always had a vague belief that minor crises can reduce us to blithering idiots, while major crises concentrate the mind.

Not so, it seems.

Stemming from last year's catastrophic and lethal bush fires, Victoria now has a bemusing seven tiered system of fire danger alerts, and code red - catastrophic - is still being adjusted, because no one can decide how to decide the threshold that would tip a region from code orange to code red.

Good thing we have a three month long cold weather front headed our way.

CFA 'changes code red policy, again'


  1. I think I preferred simpler times.

    Extreme fire danger worked.
    All the other levels below that worked.
    We knew what they meant.

  2. Kae - you could have knocked me down with a mild puff of wind when I saw the new seven tier arrangement. Friggin' hell! Seven levels of warning? SEVEN?

    Out of hand, and horribly confusing.

    I know there's science around each definition & color, but people don't contemplate the scientific definition warnings, particularly when none are given. The plain English translation for the peons is not very enlightening when you're looking at so many colors.

    Simple works for traffic lights doesn't it: green, amber, red?

    We're a simple lot.

    They should just tell us when not to worry and when to worry.

    Hell, the warnings are bad enough, then on top of it everyone is confused about what they should do on extreme days - 'stay and defend or leave' has been replaced by a more nuanced message of ... well, confusion all around.

    Glad I don't live in the bush. Poor buggers.

  3. I think John Brumby's going for the 'Rainbow' effect with the fire warning system.

    It mightn't be very useful, but it's kind of pretty...

  4. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

    We need to change some of the fire danger warning colours Timmy.

    May as well. Would make just as much sense as what we have now, but even prettier.