January 23, 2010

Big penis walking

How did we miss this?

Helsinki is the home of a 2.5 metre erect penis made of brown parachute fabric.

The penis's most recent public outing was by way of a performance artist promoting a cabaret show about personal shame.

"It's about (the) personal shame of three men. And there is also one penis in the show. It's a bit smaller than this," said Sakari Maennistoe, who accompanied a fellow actor sheathed inside the largely silent-unless-spoken-to phallus.

This is not the first time the giant penis has wandered the streets of Finland, and Maennistoe said it was generally well-received."

Which is nice.

The performers / big erect penis official site .... here


  1. We have a giant penis in Australia.

    Well, you might never know it, he keeps clocking up those frequent flyer points so he can stand beside celebrities and presidents.

  2. Giant Penis coming soon ...at a theatre near you ;D


  3. geoff3:00 AM

    OK. Somebody has to say this so it might as well be me.

    That Finnish guy walking around Helsinki streets in that costume as some kind of art statement?

    He's a complete dickhead.

  4. Yep, did have to be said Geoff.

    You can just hear the solemnity of someone intoning:

    "Dickhead walking, dickhead walking here"

    Kae - come on, we have many a giant penis in Oz! Although I think it's one area in which we do not especially "punch above our weight".

  5. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I was just wondering - if we have one testicle and one foot; why do we have two testicles and two feet?

    If we speak of more than one testicle we use the plural, same goes for hand, arms, leg, eye, ear, etc. but we have a collective noun for foot - feet.

    This is not fair and very unAustrlain.

    To be fair to the other anatomical nouns should we ban the term feet (and use the plural foots) or create collective nouns for all the other body parts?


    PS It's funny what comes into ones mind when confronted by a big prick.

  6. It's funny what comes into ones mind when confronted by a big prick.

    Women have known that for a while Justin.

    Of course, you know that my inclination is that more than one penis, or the collective of penises, should be called peni, rather than penises. I keep pushing that barrow, not having any success though.

  7. Two them, for what I can see.

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