January 3, 2010

All inner lives not the same

For a change, a fascinating area of research, with genuinely original - that is, not self-evident to any moron in the street - findings. Equally interesting is the way in which other researchers dismiss the approach as being useless and ultimately without provability. I don't agree. It has much promise and offers a ray of creative light in the search for how we think and how we each create reality.
"... the basic makeup of inner life varies substantially from person to person.

“My research says that there are a lot of people who don’t ever naturally form images, and then there are other people who form very florid, high-fidelity, Technicolor, moving images,” he said. Some people have inner lives dominated by speech, body sensations or emotions, he said, and yet others by “unsymbolized thinking” that can take the form of wordless questions like, “Should I have the ham sandwich or the roast beef?”

After abstaining from his own experiment for more than 30 years for fear of becoming biased, Dr. Hurlburt submitted to a single day of introspective fieldwork in late 2007. He discovered that although he had never noticed it before, most of his thoughts contained no words or images at all. Rather, they consisted of what he calls “unsymbolized thinking.”

I'm a word and images person. I'm not sure I would know how to do "unsymbolized thinking". I'll have to remember to give it a try, although it might result in me taking three hours to order a sandwich.

Taking mental snapshots to plumb our inner selves

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