December 4, 2009

Mal & Lucy

Mal & Lucy Turnbull have been everywhere together this week.

Wherever Mal went, there was Lucy.

Whatever Mal said, he included Lucy. As in: "Lucy and I will decide ..." or "Lucy and I will consider ...".

Not many men would bring their wife to the office day in and day out for the sake of having her clutter up the place. Not many men would keep announcing that they can't make job decisions without their wife. Not many men need to tell a gaggle of journalists to naff off because they want to have some quiet time with their wife. But, how much peace and quiet does a man expect when he takes his wife to a busy building where a few thousand other people go each day, and that's not counting the tourists?

Perhaps Mal is setting an example for younger men, and in twenty years time wives won't need to earn a living, so they'll all hang out at their husband's place of work.

It could happen.

It would still be weird.

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