December 4, 2009

In deep shit

Not for the first time, David Truscott, resident of England, has been jailed over his obsessive visits to a Cornwall farm, where he likes - a little too much - to submerge himself in manure.

In addition to more jail time - this time 20 weeks, last time 16 weeks - Truscott has been banned from visiting the farm where he has, apparently, been pleasuring himself for years.

In a 2004 case, the court was told that Truscott liked to plunge waist deep in manure for "sexual reasons".

During the episode in which police most recently caught him, he was wearing "shiny red shorts and rubber gloves". No mention of where about his person those garments were located. Perhaps in the normal places.

Rubber gloves and tissues left behind on other occasions, and bottom marks in manure, alerted the farmer that something was up.

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