December 1, 2009

Enough with the humble already!

Would someone get everyone a dictionary - please!

As the newly and hilariously anointed leader of the federal liberal party, Tony Abbott, as so many have before him, promptly announced that he was awfully, awfully humbled by the whole thing.

For ƒυςќ sake - get the man a dictionary!


  1. Hard to say how helpful it would be to us punters if it could be determined which of Turnbull or Abbott was the more "humbled" by his elevation to the leadership of that rabble.

  2. I note that the recently humble Abbott is not so humble with respect to his election prospects. He may well be brought face to face with the term as the hours drift on in the tally room.

    In the meantime, each time he rises to the dispatch box in parliament, it is hard not to hear the strains of that far too often played and overrrated song from the musical of similar stature (slightly reworded)...

    It's just a jump to the right...

  3. Actually, when you frame it like that Jacob, "humbled" looks suspiciously like the entirely appropriate reaction.

    Father - having seen pics of him in his red budgie smugglers, plastered over every newspaper a few days ago, then, in his very first parliamentary performance as Lib leader he flirts with Gillard by talking about how he'll have to give up flirting with Gillard ... well, music of any kind doesn't come to my mind ... at all ... no matter the lyrics ... although noises do escape my lips.