November 1, 2009

Unloved to the bitter end

Our longest serving, or longest living - I can't remember which - former federal treasurer Peter Costello announced way back in 2007 - after the Liberal election loss - that he would quit politics.

Two years later, he finally has, yet without any rumored or actual job offers from the private sector, of which he was a good and faithful servant during his time as our leading 'neo-con'.

Even the lowliest of former ministers of either party, even the most trouble prone and incompetent, snaffle up a well paid job of some type when they leave parliament.

Not so Pete.

Thanks to Uncle Kev, who is kindly handing our jobs to all former Liberal members (exit this way left guys!), Pete will get to retire to the board of the Future Fund, the very fund that he set up while treasurer.

All a bit retro really.

Pete fizzling into the sunset, still doing it on our dime.

No one wanted him.

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