November 29, 2009

Grech innocent of everything

Godwin Grech, having quietly retired from the public service a few months ago, has now been quietly exonerated of anything and everything under the sun by a federal senate committee.

We will always be left wondering what role Grech saw for himself in siding with any party; where he believed it would lead his quiet, and quietly obsessive, public servant's life.

"In November last year - many months before the Utegate allegations came to light - in another email to an undisclosed recipient Mr Grech says: ''My immediate motivation is to place myself where I think I could be of most value to MT and the Party. At this stage I am probably more valuable here in Treasury.''

In May 2009, Mr Grech emailed John Howard's former chief of staff, Arthur Sinodinos, to ask if he will act as a go-between between himself and the Liberal Senator Eric Abetz.

''I will explain later - but I need him to know from a highly credible source that I am Lib.''

One also wonders, with no small amount of sarcasm, at the at-a-boy encouragement offered by Grech to Malcolm.

"After a critical meeting in Sydney before the OzCar hearings, Mr Grech reflects: ''You looked really good.'' He urges Mr Turnbull to ''be true to yourself as much as you can.''

Huh ha.



Godwin cleared of contempt charge


  1. A political "investigation" to reach a political conclusion. Malcolm in no way needs "the Grech that faked emails" to undo him: he is doing that to himself.

    I am, though, flabbergasted at the findings: how can any reasonably coherent and thorough investigation find that this fellow was white as driven snow? That Malcolm was oh-so-innocent in his conduct with a pusillanamous public servant on the make?

    Strangegate indeed.

  2. There was a passing clue at the end of that brief coverage Mike:

    The privileges report nonetheless clears Mr Grech of the charge of contempt and says it cannot reach a conclusion about his culpability in the affair because of his fragile health.

    So there we have it.

    Grech, Abetz and Turnbull, all off the hook because of Grech's health.

    It would suggest that Grech was not questioned, and won't ever be.

    What a peculiar episode in Australian politics.

    Much like losing a PM in the ocean.

    Much like a Democrat's leader having sex with a powerful ALP member and changing parties, but forgetting to tell anyone of that alluring & compelling influence.

    We don't do big or salacious scandals in Oz, but jeez we have some odd little episodes.

    It says much about the caliber of our journalists that such things pass into history with barely a glance and momentary sigh.