November 4, 2009

Even as game show, economics still dismal


  1. I do great on Jeopardy at home. I knew these questions which BTW were very easy economic questions.

    To their credit, I think it is harder to come up with answers while standing in front of a camera and a worldwide audience. Look at what happened to Wolf Blitzer and Natalie Sanchez - both news anchors bombed on Jeopardy recently. It was pitiful to watch.

  2. Cube - I'd freeze up answering pop-quiz questions in a crowd of three, let alone in front of a camera and an audience.

    Economics has never been sexy, still isn't.

    Can't imagine many kiddies in high school or at university (with a near and present danger of being in the process of being educated) could answer any of those questions either, even without pressure.

    Most people hate maths, but still 'know stuff' about it.

    Economics affects every person on the planet, and yet ...

    Strange, hey, how little people know about the real workings of the world. Economics affects every facet of living.