November 20, 2009

Duck Friday


  1. It's a punk duck! Bet it sits next to you on a crowded bus and listens to The Sex Pistols on a loud jukebox.

  2. What a colourful display. He's trying to pull a bird for sure :)

  3. Maybe he's a metro-duck?

    A bit too pretty to be entirely punk, and waaay too much work went into that look.

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Look at it, just look at it. All colourful and pretty but does it look happy?

    Nope because it knows sunset is coming and like the Tortoiseshell Cat it will be just another duck.

    The tortoiseshell cat,
    She sits on the mat,
    As gay as a sunflower she;
    In orange and black you see her wink,
    And her waistcoat’s white and her nose is pink,
    And her eyes are as green as the sea.
    But all is vanity, all the way;
    Twilight’s coming and close of day,
    And every cat in the twilight’s gray,
    Every possible cat.


  5. I loved that poem (by Patrick Chalmers) Justin. It was one of my favourites when I was a kid.

    Now I find out after all these years that the tortoiseshell cat was a duck!!!