November 30, 2009

Disinfected form queue here

Much like the Catholic church offering speedy passage for Anglicans, Family First Senator Steve Fielding is contemplating an appropriate manner in which to open his arms and offer safety to the disaffected members of other political parties.

Although, that's not quite how he put it:
"We're going to discuss accepting disinfected (sic) members from Labor and Liberal whether they want to join Family First."
Learning difficulties aside, I will always prefer to believe that Fielding did mean "disinfected".

Wouldn't you feel more relaxed and comfortable if they were thoroughly disinfected before you let them into your party?


  1. I guess they will want them to leave their soiled morals at the door.

    Mike Rann, salvation is at hand!

  2. For the first time in my life Dan, I rather wish I lived in South Australia, purely so I could vote for Rann next year. I would use my vote to negate the barmaid's vote, or her husbands.

    Yeah, my little black heart gets smaller & blacker as the years roll by. Hee hee, hee hee.

  3. Steve Fielding uses Pledge on his party members once every day, without fail.

  4. In a number of cases they would have to use Harpic.

  5. That might explain why Harpic now comes in a new 'cage less' form Geoff.