October 5, 2009

I "heart" Malcolm Turnbull

I'm suddenly very fond of Malcolm Turnbull, henceforth to be affectionately known as "Mal".

Mal is the fourth most hated person in Australia.

Mal is more hated than Kim Jong II, who only came in at number five.

Say whatever you want about Mal - truly, anything at all, it's not as though I'll stop you or disagree - but he's not that loathsome.

For Mal to come in at number four in a top 50 list of most hated people is a seriously whack-job outcome that says something hugely unflattering about the Aussie intellect and our collective capacity to analyze or reach sound conclusions with suitably prioritized options.

On a brighter note, nice to see Roman Polanski at number 48, especially as he would have been a very late starter to the race.

Even nicer to see Kyle Sandilands and Jackie whatshername coming in at numbers one and two respectively. A well deserved win for the nincompoop pair.

The 2009 list of 50 people we hate

The 2008 list of 50 people we hated way back then


  1. Interesting, that "twitter" came in at number 19, like considering it's not actually a person as such.

    A bit rough that God got on the list. Oh wait, yeah there was that tsunami recently so fair do's.

  2. If Mal has been topped by Kim Jong Il, then clearly he's the most misunderstood man in The World, never mind Australia. Can't wait for the inevitable comparisons with Hitler, those must be due in soon. As for Ronery Kim being topped by Kyle Shonkilands and Jackie Ohferfucksake, tough call...

  3. It says something that Twitter and God are on the same list - for anything.

    I have no clue what it says.

    It's moments like these I wish I'd majored in philosophy.