September 8, 2009

Out of order

Family First Senator, Steve Fielding, has a learning disability, and aren't the media having a field day!

Truly uncool.

Drop it you stupid shites.

Steve Fielding ...


  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    "Drop it you stupid shites."

    Hear hear.


  2. One need only read the print media in this country to realise that those who live in sewage settling ponds need not critique other's body odours.

  3. True Bertie.

    Have you noticed that online, in particular, they don't seem to bother with proofreading any more? I send sniper emails to editors on a regular basis, with cut & paste examples of their fine work. Makes no difference.

    Meanwhile, print news continues to drop rules of grammar, an almost imperceptible erosion of quality.

    (When the hell did "that" and "which" become grammatically fungible???!!! Someone tell me that, hey!)