September 20, 2009

Not ƒυςќing sorry

Kev is refusing to say ƒυςќing sorry to his comrades for ƒυςќing well swearing at them in a private meeting.

You know private, right?

The type of meeting to which journalists and cameras are not invited, and, therefore, the contents of which could only leak to the outside world if one of the attendees decided to have a bitch to the media, all on the quiet, of course.


"The outburst two weeks ago left the hardened ALP operatives shocked."
Oh puh-leaze.

Suck it up you hardened little operatives.

Stop wasting your faux shock on something so utterly mundane.

Kev's F-bomb blitz


  1. Interestingly, the article makes a special effort to point out that there were three female MP's present when Rudd decided to use colourful language.

    Is this supposed to be shocking? I always thought girls swore too, like almost as much as the chaps... maybe more sometimes.

  2. Yes, I had a little snirtle at that too Dan.

    Rather sweetly 18th-century of our journalists & editors to come over all protective of the little women.

  3. Another fuckin' storm in a teacup!
    Let's get down to the fuckin' nitty gritty, eh people?

    Like, why is Rudd continuing with the (now) unneccessary stimulus package?

    "Of course the government will claim that it was their policies that have resulted in the Australian economy doing so well. Yet, the US had a huge stimulus package and then entered into recession, while the French have hardly had a stimulus package and also entered, and have now exited, recession. The reality of the economic situation is far more messy than official sound bites would have us believe."

    Sinclair Davidson professor at the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing and a senior fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.

  4. Kath - I'm damned impressed with Kev for refusing to back down, and for specifically stating that he will not apologize for using "vigorous" language.

    The fact of the Melbourne-based "hardened operative" leaking the discussion in the first place, and claiming he got the vapors, only suggests he needs a second round of fruity language to smack him back to his senses.

    Jeez - how do journalists talk to each other and everyone else 'behind closed doors'?

    Not with as much charm and erudition as they might like us to believe!

    Meanwhile, the "education revolution" via laptops for Year 9 students and over-priced halls for schools that don't need halls continues to make baby Jesus cry. And me too.

    The nitty gritty does need a good getting down to Kath.