September 6, 2009

Girly swat strikes again

Managing global and regional interdependence: the future of the G20 and an Asia Pacific community by Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia.

Yep, Kev has been at it again. Another week, another essay.

You’d think he was still in high school trying to make head prefect, rather than the dude who should be putting his time and oomph into running this little country.

Is the G20 under threat of any kind? Is the Asia Pacific community verging on being in tatters?


Yet, our Kev thought this non-happening was worthy of a 28 page essay in an international journal.

The essay title isn’t what you’d call compelling, and the content is fulsomely presented in bland, meaningless English, the use of which Kev is a guru.

Big surprise that the American journal of Foreign Affairs declined to publish Kev’s essay.

This might be why:

''For some, this may seem a pointless theoretical discussion of political taxonomies,''

''incremental bifurcation'' in the Asia-Pacific region between China and the United States

''remain vigilant against the possibility of alternative contingencies''

''need to work with the extant political vocabulary within China's national discourse''

''China is the elephant in the living room that can no longer be ignored'', he writes, one that ''stands in a league of its own'' and ''needs a seat at the main table''.

''The core challenge here is that the current edifice of global institutions is not strong enough to carry the weight of the challenges we face,'' he writes. ''There is a yawning gap between the capacity of existing global institutions designed to deal with the challenges of the past, but insufficiently mandated, resourced or representative of emerging power realities to deal with the challenges of the future.''

Rudd variously describes the G20 as an ''incubator of global initiatives'', ''an enabling agency'' and ''a brokering mechanism'' for international action.

''In short, the G20 should act as the lightning rod for global leadership: articulating principles, defining broad objectives and crafting political consensus.''

China the “elephant in the room”? China ignored? China without a seat at the table?

Jesus H Christ, where the hell has Rudd been? China has always been too big to be ignored. No one has ever ignored China. As for legitimizing the Chinese political regime by offering them the status and influence of membership in all kind of forums is repugnant.

Elephants, yawning gaps, incubators, lightening rods, taxonomies. Sheesh. Someone, please, keep Kev off the keyboard. It's embarrassing.

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  1. Without the happy ending ...

  2. Sir Humphrey Appleby lives!

  3. You've nailed it Caz.

    The guy's a fuckin' dickhead!

    Gosh, the press were always lampooning Beazley for his prolix ramblings. Why does the dud get a free pass?

    What gets me, is why Australia is so enamored of the little nerd.. er turd?

  4. Yes, the press must look back fondly on the days of Jones and Beazley Kath, and wish they'd been a little less cruel.

    At least both men were intellectuals, and articulate, if all too often misplaced in a sea of politics.

    Hell, Keating didn't even have a university education, but his written and verbal skills were, and still are, polished, lively,inventive, displaying considerable contemplation (regardless of whether you agree with what he has to say).

    Rudd has pretensions well beyond his bureaucratic station.