July 31, 2009

Their place

Muslims want to wipe Israel off the map and Israeli's continue to insist that they are god's chosen ones - so, you know, bugger everyone else.
“We are rebuilding the land of Israel,” Rabbi Yigael Shandorfi, leader of a religious academy at the neighboring settlement outpost of Nahliel, said during the ceremony. “Our hope is that there will be roads, electricity and water.” The message to President Obama, he said, is that this is Jewish land. He did not use the president’s name, but an insulting Hebrew slang for a black man and the phrase “that Arab they call a president.”

Many could be incorporated into Israel through a border adjustment; others say they would move if compensated. But some, like these outpost settlers, say they will never move because they believe they are fulfilling God’s plan with every hut they put up. They are likely to be a major stumbling block to any attempt to find a two-state solution.

“The Torah says the land of Israel is for the Jewish people. This is just the beginning. We will build 1,000 homes here. The Arabs cannot stay here, not because we hate them, but because this is not their place.”

“The land rejoices because its children are returning to her,” he said, referring to Jewish settlers, making no mention of the 2.5 million Palestinians here.

Tirael, the teenager from Ramat Migron, put it another way: “I believe that every inch of this land is us, our blood. If we lose one inch, it is like losing a person.”


Moral authority of either side: nil.

West Bank settlers send Obama defiant message


  1. Jacob3:32 PM

    But Caz, you've gotta understand that these people are fringe extremists.

    Er, fringe extremists protected by IDF guns and tanks, and facilitated by Jewish-only roads protected by IDF guns and tanks... but fringe extremists none the less.

    And Hebrew racist slang? Oh how charming...

    Yep, irreconcilable.

  2. Ah, yes, like those fringe extremist Muslims.

    Of course, of course!

    So there is hope after all.

  3. Well my opinion regarding Johnny Foreigner can best be described by a passage from Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love (1945), ch. 15 :

    Uncle Matthew’s four years in France and Italy between 1914 and 1918 had given him no great opinion of foreigners. “Frogs,” he would say, “are slightly better than Huns or Wops, but abroad is unutterably bloody and foreigners are fiends.”

  4. Well that leaves me hanging: Uncle Matthew had nothing to say about Australians?


  5. Perhaps my brain never developed past 8 years of age, but both the Israeli's and the Palestinians seem to me to be practicing Daffy Duck politics with each other:

    ..."It's mine ya understand mine, all mine, go go go mine mine mine!"...

  6. Quite apt Dan.

    Both are much like the cartoon characters who have a television dropped on their heads, only to jump back up a few seconds later to get on with business as usual.