July 20, 2009

Cringe: stupid Aussie on the loose

"As her flight reached Beijing airport 10 days ago, Natalia D'Morias gathered her belongings - and ticked a box on her immigration card indicating she had a stuffy nose."
Little Miss Aussie, was whisked away in an ambulance, diagnosed with swine flu, locked up in quarantine for seven days, with no visits from Mom and Dad Aussie - with whom she had been travelling - and her Chinese medical hosts fed her nothing but pizza and fried chicken and other common Western takeaway foodstuffs.

A true life horror story!

Lesson learned from this nightmare by Little Miss Aussie:
Ms D'Morias, a seasoned traveller, said: "That's officially the last time I'm honest on any airport documentation."
I vote we offer her back to the Chinese.

In minutes I became a modern day leper

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