July 31, 2009

Calories miscalculated


Forget counting calories, they're all wrong!

According to New Scientist, the art of calculating calorie content is ancient and wrong, leading to both under and over stating of food calorie content.

If your diet's not working, it might be all down to faulty calorie counts. A mere extra 20 calories a day can result in a weight gain of a kilo a year.
"Calorie counts on food labels around the world are based on a system developed in the late 19th century by American chemist Wilbur Olin Atwater. Atwater calculated the energy content of various foods by burning small samples in controlled conditions and measuring the amount of energy released in the form of heat.

Nutritionists are well aware that our bodies don't incinerate food, they digest it. And digestion - from chewing food to moving it through the gut and chemically breaking it down along the way - takes a different amount of energy for different foods."
It's back to basics: eat fresh, eat less, move more. Doesn't cost anything to implement.

The calorie delusion: why food labels are wrong

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