July 15, 2009

Bing, Bing, Bing

The name still sucks, but apparently I'm in the minority on that thought, with the rest of the punters being quite taken with the Bing (But It's Not Google) branding, which is Microsoft's latest foray into the search engine business.

Defying my skepticism, it turns out that Bing is quite a charmer, as far as search engines go.

Nice look, nice feel, preview capabilities, never ending pages (eg, for image results, instead of having to scroll page after page, as per Google) and very often, more impressive - that is, more pertinent - results than those produced by Google algorithms.

For those enamored of tweeting, Microsoft has already added Twitter to Bing results, a feature not available from other engines.

So, this is my three thumbs up for Bing, a rare MS product deserving of our admiration, and set to give Google a well deserved whirl.

Bing versus Google - neat little site tool that brings up side by side search results from Bing and Google, so you can do your own taste test.

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