June 1, 2009

That’ll teach ‘em

We're all familiar with that very old fashioned expression - "cut off your nose to spite your face" - which suddenly seems like a perfectly rational, even quaint manifestation of one's spite.

A 25 year old man from a prominent family in Egypt spent two years requesting permission from his father to marry a lovely lass from a less than prominent family.

Distressed by his Pappa's continued refusal to allow the union, the young nan warmed up a knife and sliced off his reproductive organ.

As so often happens following drastic gestures, doctors were unable to reattach the severed member.

And thus, one prominent Egyptian family is now, and shall remain, somewhat less prominent.


  1. Wonder if he's available for hire. I can think of a prick or two that could use his services.

  2. Can't help but feel sorry for the silly dickhead!!

  3. Cutting off your hose to spite your race?

  4. Stupidity like this shouldn't breed. So I guess in a rather drastic way he has done a service to humanity. Good job.

  5. Cutting off your hose to spite your nether regions?

    Not catchy ... but ... umm ...

    Dan - as an act of love it was somewhat, err, self defeating. As a nominee for a Darwinian Award, it was too obvious to make the grade of the dizzyingly stupid, who are usually less deliberate in their services to future generations.