June 2, 2009

Strange but true

A painting of pop diva Madonna in the nude with her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, was a flop at auction.

Some passing bids, which may have been nothing more than itchy noses or earlobes, failed to come close to the minimum price of STG15,000 ($A30,441).

The oil painting from 2005 depicts Madonna lying naked in the foreground while Ritchie rests a hand on her thigh.

The painting had been expected to sell for STG22,000 ($A44,647).

As if ...

Meanwhile, the latest in a long line of mommy dearests - Candy Spelling - has claimed on US television that daughter Tori Spelling killed her father.

Ah, happy families, doncha love 'em?


  1. Candy and Tori.

    Wayyyy too much silicone, it's obviously leaked.

  2. Is it possible that Madonna struggles to shock anyone anymore? Her book "Sex" which shocked the world (apparently) was released ages ago. I think a nudey painting of her would attract more yawns than bids.

  3. Some of us still throw up a little bit when reminded of her book Dan.

  4. There's very little chance of my mouth being open in close proximity to a nude Madonna.

  5. *yawn* The only thing shocking about Madonna anymore is how horribly she treats her children. Madonna Dearest is an apt term.