June 1, 2009

Our Leader: Psyco Chook


For a few seconds federal politics was rocking so beautifully it was almost like being back in the 90s.

A new poll has shown that a majority of voters think Prime Minister Rudd can turn nasty if he doesn't get his own way.

Stating the bleedin' obvious, but that's what polls are for.

Barnaby Joyce, bless his little cotton socks, was equally unsurprised by the opinion poll, unabashedly declaring:
"The guy's a psycho chook"
He elaborated:

"Who in their right mind gets onto a plane and because he doesn't get the right colour birdseed has a spack attack?''

"This is a very peculiar man who is leading our country,'' he said, referring to claims the Prime Minister demanded a hair dryer while visiting troops in Afghanistan, and his inability to hang onto staff.

On the other hand, Senator Mark Arbib defended his Kevness thusly:
"Australians understand that Mr Rudd is doing what's needed in the national interest"
Hairdryers in Afghanistan are needed in our national interest! Who knew?

The unenlightening poll also threw up the astonishing finding that nearly "one in two" (I guess that would translate to "nearly half") voters believe opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull is - gasp - arrogant.

Because, you know, in Australia, we prefer our pollies to be humble and dumb. Don't want anyone smart or up themselves running the place.

Pollsters say Kevin Rudd can turn nasty


  1. What does one do with a hair dryer?

  2. Well, His Kevness uses it to dry off the foam and spit around his mouth.

    You could always use it to style the beard or fast dry a hanging duck Father.

  3. That latter sounds the go.

  4. Good old Barnaby. He's a bit crazy like the rest of the Nats, but I don't think anyone other than him could have come up with a phrase like 'psycho chook'. One to write down, I think.

  5. Surely the RAAF VIP fleet is equipped with all the essential grooming products required for a metrosexual Prime Minister? I bet Barack doesn't have these problems.

  6. 'Psycho chook' is a difficult insult to dismiss or argue against Timmy - without risking coming across all psycho chook. A welcome addition to the political lexicon, which has been a little barren of late.

    Good point Dan. Where was the VIP jet parked? Even if it only had a hot air hand dryer on board, it would have done for the minimalist hair atop Rudd's head.

    Obama is a wash'n'go kinda guy. The missus might be in trouble without a dryer and some product though.

  7. Yes that's me: wash'n'wear hair.