April 10, 2009

Then what's the point?!

Gosh-golly (see, I'm trying not to blaspheme on Good Friday), what's the point of a global financial crisis if church attendance doesn't go up-dee-dup?

"People are not flocking to the church in despair over tough economic times ...

"In each of our congregations there are people who have lost their jobs," Dr Jensen said.

"I haven't seen them coming here because of that yet.

In his Good Friday sermon, Dr Jensen said the world financial crisis showed that materialism was "hopeless".

"You can have hope if you have God," he said.

"Whereas if you only have materialism, well, the house of cards has fallen and collapsed.

"So what else is left? Where are you going? We live for more than just this material world. We believe God answers our prayers."

All prayers, except for those out of a job, which are promptly returned to sender.

Makes a person contemplate long and hard on what type of global catastrophe is needed to get the unwashed, unemployed, lazy no good, white trash, heathen masses into churches to seek consolation, fire breathing sermons and redemption.

Job losses not filling churches

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