April 3, 2009

Ruddles not superhero

Up until now I thought Kev Rudd was Superman.

Apparently - by his own admission- Kev is only human.

This was bought to our attention follow a couple of temper tantrums over food on his $28K per hour RAAF plane.

First tantrum was over a lack of hot meal service. Gourmet sandwiches are not a meal fit for a PM on an airplane.

Second tantrum was over the appearance of a hot meal, inclusive of red meat. The PM forgot to inform anyone that he was on a non-red meat and all fruit desert diet. The young steward who coped a spray of fury from the wonky-one should have been able to anticipate Kev's dietary requirements from one flight to the next.

Ruddle's response and apology to this public exposure is equivocal, insincere, at best.

Rudd loses temper over meal


  1. Just a dickhead, Caz.
    Could you imagine Howard carrying on like that?
    This bratish behaviour speaks volumes about our PM.
    Btw, did you see Michelle Obama's visit to a British school?

    Such savoir faire..

    She's got "it"

    A wonderful first lady.

    Therese Rein on the other hand.....

    Not in her league.

    Never will be!

  2. He is well known for his colorful language and demeaning rages behind the scenes Kath. Not unlike Latham, hey? Expect that Latham didn't have the personal discipline to keep a lid on things when he was in public.

    Fancy abusing abusing stewards, as if they're personally accountable and responsible for preparing food for his VIP jet. They wait on him, they don't make the bloody food! What a pompous arse of a man.

    No I didn't see the visit Kath, funny old day here, and I didn't catch much of the news. Did see a snippet of Michelle with her arm around the Queen's shoulders for a photo op, and the Queen momentarily, and gingerly, returning the gesture by putting her arm around Michelle's waist. So darned cute.

    Remember the fuss, the outrage, when Keating dared to touch the Queen? Ah, the good ol' days!

  3. I lived in the UK when Keating dared to touch the Queen - one of the tabloids over there had a headline saying "Lizard of Oz" and the article started with the question, "Does your Granny come from Ireland, Mr Keating?" (I asked myself mentally, "and what's the problem with that?" as I thought of my own Irish great-granny.)

    All he was doing was stopping her from going the wrong way, as far as I could see.

    Heh, fun times.

  4. Hee, hee. I remember that headline.

    He was being gentlemanly, steering her, yet the British press made out as if he'd given the Queen a manhandling.

    Less so now, but for a time there, every generation of little Aussies had at least one Irish grandparent or great grandparent, a commonality impossible to escape. I know I had one. That British quip was a tad lost on the populace of the Antipodes as we collectively nodded our little heads with a "yeah, der".