April 28, 2009

Red flag to a pig

"As we look for cases of swine flu, we are seeing more cases of swine flu. We expect to see more cases of swine flu," Richard Besser, the acting head of the Centres for Disease Control (CDC)"

"In fact there's no evidence at the moment these outbreaks were started from pigs," Professor Kelso said."

Handy dandy tip, for those swooning over all things swine: despite the tag, it has not been confirmed that the flu has come from pigs.

Yes, seriously.

But let's not let a catchy tag go to waste.

I guess "Mexican flu" doesn't have a scary enough ring to it; neither did "Spanish flu".

Red flag up on swine flu


  1. Hmmm... I've got an idea for a catchy title. 'The Black Plague'...

  2. With all the revisions and back-stepping, it's shaping up to be more of a taupe plague.

  3. How about manufactured crisis flu?

  4. We're getting quite dizzy with the excitement of so many crises Cube.

    Less than a dozen dead, yet common flu kills anywhere up to half a million people a year (a couple of thousand in Australia!), but the public don't become hysterical about flu every winter.

    Strange times.