April 1, 2009

Kevin who?

"According to the Bishop of London, the election of Mr Rudd as prime minister in November 2007 was something of "an Obama moment'' for Australia."

Or, not so much.

"He has a reputation as a politician who takes ethics very, very seriously.''

Along with symbolic forums and inquiries that lead to nowhere, not to mention an abiding commitment to grocery prices.

The bishop was not the only one full of praise for Mr Rudd.

"And Kevin is a man of great vision and courage, and I think you can see why he is a very successful prime minister of Australia,'' Mr Brown said.

"Thank you very much for coming to speak today, we are very grateful."

Meh, we've heard his speeches. After the speeches: not so grateful.

If they like him so much, maybe they can keep him.

Gushy, gushy coverage ... here


  1. Maybe Gordo felt sorry for poor old Kev after Obama all but gave him the bums rush in DC. Or perhaps Gordo, who's on the nose, was hoping some of Kev's 'magic' might rub off on him. Or maybe this was just a bit of mutual backslapping between Labo(u)rites. Ohh who cares.

  2. It is something of "an Obama moment" for Australia, but in my mind, that's a negative.

  3. Cube - if it was our "Obama moment" it passed within half a moment.

    Jacob - I suppose they had to have a brief love-in, because the G20 itself has some serious and substantial matters to attend to for a change. It's not going to be pretty. Not necessarily going to be constructive either.

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Kevin makes me cringe; Obama is a dud.

    So far Kevin has been a better PM than Obama a presi.

    Obama's mantra was "Change you can believe in." I haven't seen much change.

    I reckon the "change" he was talking about was the shrapnel (change) we carry in our pockets. The punters get the change and his bankster mates get the real stuff.

    Now that is something the poor fucking yanks can believe in - poor bastards are going to cop it up the arse big time.

    But doesn't Obama speak noice.

    Killing them softly with his song.

    Fortunately Kevin can't sing.


  5. Oooh, we're not a fan of Obama then, Justin?

    In fairness, Bush was already giving away a trillion or so to the banks before he left office. Not sure what McCain would have done had he been POTUS.

    Their management of the finance industry has screwed everyone, so at this point I don't give a rat's how the US fixes it or who they have to throw money at, well, I gag - a lot - over countries propping up their precious car industries, it's economic idiocy.

  6. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Obama is simply continuing the policies of Bush. That was going to be his job all along but we didn't realise it at the time. He was actually chosen, not by the poeple but the powers that be.

    He was chosen to sooth the punters (with his song) while his bankster mate continue to rape and pillage - this now is bloody obvious.

    "Change you can believe in" - now lets see:

    Iraq - out within 6 months he initially promised. That is now bullshit, now way is he going to decommission their 283 bases in Iraq. That is now obvious. US foreign policy will carry on as usual.

    As the US will never control Eurasia (the main game) all the US can do is act as spoilers - for those paying attention this is obvious. The US will stay in Iraq, support Israel to the hilt and expand NATO as much as possible (although they promised Russia that was not going to be the case).

    He promised to close down Gitmo Bay - all he did was sign some type of doc to consider same in 12 months, then he plans to send the detainees to Bagram in the Stan.

    Renditions will continue as before - sheesh under the Military Commissions Act of 2006 he can highjack anyone anywhere, torture them into confession and use same as legit evidence.

    He was going to tone down the Patriot Act - no he hasn't.

    Illegal wire taps are OK by Obama but were not before his erection.

    He critised signing statements but now does same himself. Like Bush he likes to be above the law.

    I could go on but you can do the homework yourself if you wish.

    Obama is an extremely dangerous politician for the simple reason he can get the punters to believe in him, to believe his lies and deceipt.

    The most dangerous people quite often have heaps of charisma are usually extremely dishonest.

    At this point in time the black fella in the White House is the most dangerous pollie on the planet.

    Anyway if he tried to change anything to the detriment of the powers that be he will get topped. We all know this.

    The Democrats have proved to be as weak as piss as revealed after the 2006 mid terms erections.

    Obama now has the biggest hard on of all time and he is in the process of totally fucking the US economy and the US standard of living.

    The Yanks are being rooted well and truly.