March 19, 2009

Yellow Bird gives the money shot

Confirming that Indian Studies might not be inhabited by a bevy of sagacious types, Yellow Bird left bird droppings all over the place yesterday, which he executed with remarkable brevity:

For the final question CU attorney Patrick O'Rourke asked indigenous studies professor Michael Yellow Bird during his re-cross Wednesday morning, he pulled up [sic] a transcript of previous testimony the professor had given to CU's Privilege & Tenure Committee and asked him if he had made the statement that "fabricated, made-up accounts promote the truth".

With a slight pause, Yellow Bird said yes.

From the ongoing reporting of the Ward Churchill court case in Denver, c/o Drunka.

Our cynosure for the duration of the case, John.G.M also offers some personal musings and panoramic insights to the witnessing of the law in action:

"About Courtroom Six: It sux. I'm a lithe young prole, but half an hour sitting on those benches and I'm ready for a walker (which I steal from the 74-year-old Chutch supporter just behind me every day at lunchtime. "Hey, you young hegemonist!" he yells. It's hilarious).

The room's acoustics are horrible, and the sound system (which I believe the lawyers supply themselves) is rinky beyond dink. There are cigarette burns in the floor. How long's it been since smoking was allowed in courtrooms?"


  1. Anonymous5:19 AM

    More Ward Churchill coverage here.


  2. Yep, Drunka links to the more highbrow stuff too Dylan.

    The site is written by real law students. As I understand it they attend cases as part of their studies, and the blog is an off shoot of such, which is pretty cool.