March 2, 2009

A waste of sand through the hourglass

The four minute egg timers distributed to all households by the government and intended to help reduce showering times of the grubby Melbournian populace have failed to reduce water usage.

My egg timer is still on my fridge and I still flip it over every now and again. Thusly, my household has implemented the four minute egg timer very successfully. What are the rest of you doin'?

Melbournians ignore 155-litre water target


  1. Up here in Qld we got the 4-minute hourglass.

    Some ran for 4 minutes, many for more or less (3 minutes and as much as 6 minutes).

    Our target was 140L/day when the dams were below 40%, now we've had a bit of rain and the dams are close to 48% full I think and our target is 170L/day, we've been able to keep it at about 130L/day because we've had a bit of rain.

    115L, that's awful!

    Oh, and my hourglass? It's at work, on the whiteboard, with a note that says "Be quick, you only have 4 minutes...".

  2. 'Four minute' timers that run for random amounts of time? They obviously had them made locally.

    Noooo, not 115L, that's MY typing error! My bad.

    Target is 155L, which is not as harsh as your targets.

    I think Melb managed to meet the target for a week or so, then the excitement of having a free egg timer from the government must have worn off.