March 1, 2009

Pot ... Kettle ... Black

Bono has described Chris Martin as a dysfunctional character, a cretin and a wanker.

Bono, 48, has admitted to feeling threatened by Coldplay.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest wanker of all.


  1. Yeah, well, Bono has always been an arrogant self righteous prick, in my opinion.
    Chris Martin on the other hand, seems to be a reasonably nice guy. Quite humble.
    He is also a big fan of U2.. Maybe not anymore, Caz.

  2. Almost tawdry to insult someone out of nowhere like that Kath, particularly when the object of the abuse is such a gushing fan. We can only figure that Bono has a delicate little ego that requires hourly feeds, but gets tummy upsets when it comes from Martin. What an ungracious goose of a man.

  3. Maybe Bono is feeling concerned that Coldplay will make a massive hit by copying a U2 song, as Coldplay already did with an old Joe Satriani track.