March 13, 2009

PJ Media goes nighty night

Pajamas Media, an alliance of 170 blogs ( founded in 2005 has given all the bloggers cookies and a glass of milk and told them to naff off.

The PJ Media CEO has decided to throw the company's remaimomg cash at yeah olde traditional / crossover media: a new television channel, on the Interwebs (yeah, slow, slow, slow learners).

PJM was ostensibly a collective rebellion against MSM, but in real life it was supposed to turn into a cash cow (or even a scrawny new born calf might have sufficed) and a serious rival to the online presence of the likes of CNN or Slate.

Such conventional aspirations.

The 'you're tossed' letters were sent to the aggregated PJM bloggers in January, who, just by the by, were rarely seen to be linked on the site in any case.

Such a conventional demise.

The site will be finally swept under the carpet on April 01.

Pajamas telly has already hired "Joe the Plumber" and has asked some of its *star* bloggers to take up a new career as telly anchors and analysts.

Arh, the irony of it all.

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