March 6, 2009

Not necessary, really not

SJP is desperate to hold onto her husband, her youth, her fans and her awesome celebrityness.

But mostly - I'm guessing - she's desperate to show off her new puppies, which were given their first walkies at the recent Oscars.

Sarah Jessica Parker is considering bearing her breasts for the next Sex and the City film.

An "insider" says:

"She hasn't made up her mind but it's something that she might do if necessary for the scene to work."

Err, as yet, no scenes have been written.


  1. FFS Caz! The stoopid bitch has a face like a horse. Who cares about her puppies.
    What a dog!

  2. I'm taking another guess here Kath: being voted the least sexy women in the world prompted SJP to believe the iss-th-ue was a mere breast deficit.

    If only sexy was as simple as the difference between more or less silicone hey?

  3. Ahh, the ravages of gravity and time are kind to no one, but can be exceptionally brutal to the vain and vacuous.

    And to think I used to like horseface back in the "Square Pegs" days. She played a unpopular misfit high school girl. What a casting coup that role was.

  4. Cube - Being on the underside of the world, I only remember seeing SJP in photo's when she appeared as a little 'un in the stage musical Annie.

    Just as I still brutally remember seeing photo's of a tiny tot Tori Spelling and gasping in pity at her aesthetic challenges, I concluded of the young SJP that she must have a remarkable voice and unboundedly wondrous personality, for her face, most surely was not her fortune.

    She has had an astonishingly good run for one whose face / body / persona don't fit the classic Hollywood mold, and for that she she should be eternally grateful and satisfied, instead of pumping up the puppies at this late stage of her life. It's all a bit undignified.

    (Although I'm irrationally pleased that she finally removed that big growth from her face.)

  5. I'm not a big Broadway fan so I missed the Annie phase of SJP's career so that's a new one on me even on this side of the world.

    SJP has done exceedingly well for someone without a father who was a powerful producer in show business.

    BTW I love the way you describe the aethetically challanged Tori (can you say Froggy Eyes?) Spelling.

  6. Poor Tori, so much wealth and privilege, yet no one could ever accuse her of being a pretty lass.

    Between SPJ and Tori.S we very possibly have a real life demonstration of the full spectrum of - superficial - things that no amount of money in the world can buy.

    And yet, they give it their best shot in any case! Poor luvvies.