March 16, 2009

Looks like a duck ....

He says it is, she says it isn't.

The face is definitely hers: we'd know that dead-eyed look anywhere!

Here and here.

Almost as alluring as a pound of frozen fish fingers.

Hanson has taken legal action, not for the publication of the photo's, but for her assertion that the photo's aren't real. She makes some interesting points about the alleged timing of the photo's, the age of the man who claims to have taken them, and so on.

Heck of a good photoshopping effort if they're fake.

Either way, the world would have continued to turn in its usual manner, and we all would have gone about our business without feeling any need to see a real, or pretend, teenage Hanson looking every bit the anti-sex harpy. A cruel and unnecessary assault on the public senses.

Update I

Hanson offers to take a belly button test.

Media outlets insist they subjected the pics to forensic analysis and detected no fiddling. They stand by their claims of authenticity.

Hanson has taken things a step further by claiming that even the head isn't hers, stating that she had long hair during the years when it's alleged the pics were taken. If so, the belly button revelation isn't necessary and the whole thing could be whipped off the front pages by first thing tomorrow morning with a quick public showing of select happy snaps from the family albums of that era. Too easy, hey?

Coverage here fwiw

Update II

Paper today shows pic of Hanson with long hair, apparently from her book. Note the long hair. Note that the hair in the nudie pics might just have been pulled back. But photo's show the same style of hair as it sits around the crown and forehead. Most particularly note that the hair color in both is the same. If the nude pics are fake, someone went to the trouble of tracking down her real hair color, and her hairstyle from that era - black hair, not the distinctive bright red we're accustomed to seeing. Given all that, a legal case might hang on the belly button test.

Update III

The debate continues to rage, with yeahs and nays still divided evenly.

I'm not taking any bets folks, although, as Kath points out, the alleged photographer has started back-tracking. Now he's not sure who the heck is in the photo's.

See Ian Hall's post and comments (alerted via SkepticLawyer).


  1. Hmm. Tough one Caz. Hanson may be many things, but she is usually quite open and outspoken.
    Why would she lie? She has more to lose than Johnston. If the pics were of her, why would she give a tinkers cuss? Supposedly only 19 at the time.Who hasn't stuffed up in some way or another in their teens? It was after all, a bloody long time ago.

    The photos were allegedly taken by a former boyfriend, army veteran Jack Johnson.

    Mr Johnson said they were taken at the Pelican Bay Resort near Coffs Harbour some time between 1975 and 1977. But there is no Pelican Bay Resort, and Coffs Harbour's Pelican Beach Resort did not open until 1986.

    Ms Hanson flatly denies she knew him - and insists the pictures are not of her.

    "I was married and I had my second child in February of 1975,'' she said.

    "I was living on the Gold Coast. I have never worked in a grocery shop north of Brisbane.

    "Apparently, the Pelican Beach Resort was not opened until 1986.

    "This guy has indicated he is 52 - that makes him between two to three years younger than me and if I was 19 and that would have put him at around about 16 or 17. ".....

    The guy's story has too many holes. By his own admission, years of chemo have affected his memory.
    Surely it could not be too hard to check out Pauline's story.
    She had 2 kids by Feb 1975.The supposed picture of Pauline showed nary a stretch mark. Does not look like a body that has birthed two children.
    The photo's look quite professional, considering they were taken by some 17 year old amateur over thirty years ago.

    I smell a rat!

    The thing that pisses me off the most here Caz, is the lack of integrity displayed by that rag of a newspaper "The Daily Telegraph"
    Who the fuck care swhat Hanson did 30 years ago?
    Why is it news? What difference will it make to her campaign?
    I am no fan of Hanson's but I believe that publishing those pics was a despicable thing to do.
    What can you expect from a trashy tabloid, I suppose.

    Thank God for "The Australian!."

  2. Timmy - you're suggesting that the belly button matches her hair? At least an orange belly button would be decisive in determining the case!

    Kath - I'm on the fence. Six of one half a dozen of the other. At the very least, Hanson has a doppelganger - perhaps she will step forward and help put an end to this tawdry exercise.

    Hanson denied having an intimate relationship with her campaign manager too, and that turned out to be a lie. She's crass and uneducated, but lets not mistake that for open and truthful.

    I can't call it. Will make for a mildly interesting case, if it gets that far.

  3. She's crass and uneducated, but lets not mistake that for open and truthful.


    If that is her it only serves to confirm that her campaign manager banged a cold, battered and fried fish.


  4. Or grilled. Fish fingers are pretty good if grilled, nice and crispy, but without the fat.

  5. I hate to carp but,(just for the halibut)the whole thing's turned out to be a damp squib... Er, squid.
    Johnston's got his money, and Breens' left floundering. heh..

  6. Flounders with squid on faces, perhaps Kath?

    I want the doppelganger to come forward, otherwise I'm never going to be convinced.