March 8, 2009

Handy dandy facts

Women in developing countries on average carry 20 litres of water over six kilometres every day.

Only 21% of all news subjects (people interviewed or whom the news is about) are women.

Women do two-thirds of the world's work but receive only 10% of the world's income.

Women make up 51% of the world's population but hold only 16% of parliamentary and congressional seats worldwide.

Every minute of every day a woman dies in childbirth.

International Women's Day


  1. Now you're sounding like a feminist who doesn't like men. That's not me talking, mind you, but a surprising number of young women hate today's feminist movement because they feel it has been hijacked by lesbians.

    Of course, I'm much older, but in my day, I was grateful to those pioneering women who took the arrows so that I didn't have to. Times have changed.

  2. Cube - It's unforgivable that women have developed such an idiocy that Paris Hilton is deemed to be a post-feminist icon and that pole dancing naked for a room full of men is positioned (pun intended) in popular culture as an act of self-empowerment. I mean, really, it's moronic, but that's what passes for political analysis of the current standing of women. It's embarrassing.

    The feminist field has certainly shrunk, but not vanished entirely. Their are still some good birds out their Cube, who aren't even lesbians. A tiny and number and they are barely heard unless they write a book (and how many books can one write each year?).

    At best, lesbians are about 2% of the population, so one hopes that a sub-set of a tiny sub-set haven't entirely appropriated the feminist agenda.

    Over our way, 'women's issues' are almost entirely reduced to suburban middle/upper class narrow and personal matters such as child care, paid maternity leave, breast feeding versus bottle feeding, or natural birthing versus C-section. In other words, fully focused on women's traditional breeding role. Funny hey. Not exactly a new wave of feminism. Nothing radical to see here. Not a whiff of politics.

  3. I received an email today from the Marketing person. They're ordering new name badges, anyone who wanted one should contact her.


    Yes please. But can I be someone else?

    I haven't quite figured out who yet.

    Someone suggested Paris Hilton.

    Paris bloody Hilton.

    I said "Why the hell would anyone with any brains want to be Paris bloody Hilton", they crawled away.

    This is too hard.

    I think I'll just be me. It's easy.