March 25, 2009

Field Excursion


  1. I want one. They're so cute and friendly!

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    These are the strangest looking ducks ever featured here.

    And it's not even Friday.

  3. I love the way they walk.
    And..How they always look so well dressed.
    Never a feather out of place!

  4. Jacob - that's what happens when you try to breed ducks in the middle of Melbourne. Go figure.

    Beaucoup d'élégance Kath.

  5. Just who was "excurting"?

    Don't you worry Kathy: never a black beer out of place here either!

    ....don't know about the walking though....

  6. Were these creatures besieging your house? Is this another consequence of global warming - attack by killer penguin?

  7. 'Twas me 'excurting' Father.

    Why yes Timmy, global warming does explain why penguins (of the non-fairy variety) now reside in Melbourne. Perhaps we can look forward to big white bears moseying into town in another year or two.

    They did not, besiege my home, although they would be most welcome. They, however, were besieged by humans with cameras. (Sign instructs: do not take photo's.)