February 24, 2009

Think like a terrorist, walk like a terrorist ...

It's the way of our peoples in developed countries to teach the young 'uns that everything - everything - is relative and all opinions are valid.

Britain leads the charge of utter brainlessness.

"Meanwhile, in a similarly fatuous attempt to combat Muslim extremism, pupils nationwide are to be asked to empathise with suicide bombers, to see the world as a nihilistic Islamic psychopath might see it.

Schools have long since given up on inculcating a sense of right and wrong in their pupils; the whole notion is outdated and, frankly, authoritarian. Which is something to be thankful for when a 12-year-old child screams “fat arse” at you and then detonates himself. At least he was able to empathise."

See story via Steve at Opinion Dominion

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  1. Sometimes it feels as though we've all fallen down a rabbit hole.