February 19, 2009

Grinding practice ends in mince

Reason #156 why men should not practice their technique at work:

A man whose penis met an ill fate with a grinder in Brisbane's north this afternoon has been rushed to hospital.

It is understood the 23-year-old was working in Northgate when he was injured just after 2pm.

A Department of Emergency Services spokeswoman could not identify the type of grinder that had injured the man or detail how he came in contact with the device.

The extent of his injuries is not known. Paramedics did stem the bleeding before transporting the man to hospital.


  1. ))wince((

    it does make me wonder, however

    You'd think he'd be a bit more careful with the thing, er, grinder.

  2. I'm a female and I'm wincing for this poor feckless fellow.

    Just what was he doing prior to the inauspicious grinding event?

  3. Cube - he was *working*, apparently!

    (Wonder if he can sue the person who *trained* him?)

  4. You mean with his co-worker, Rosie Palm ;-)