February 15, 2009

The good old days

"Senators who came to "negotiate" with [Gareth] Evans in his Parliament House office would be asked to wait in an ante-room. There, on the coffee table before them, they'd find an elaborately designed voodoo doll in their image, complete with pins in the eyes.

That was Labor's starting point back then: let the extortionists in the door, but keep them waiting and treat 'em mean.


For one is left with a clear impression that [Chris] Evans Mark II is more disposed to persuading today's recalcitrant senators with dolphin music, camomile tea and tofu crackers than the good old tried and true ("Get your %@!*ng demands out of my ante-room, you &^#%wit, and come back with a realistic offer!") Gareth method."

Bring back days of tough talk and voodoo

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