February 4, 2009


Despite our recent heat wave, we did not see the outbreak of widespread bushfires across Victoria. My unscientific theory is that a lack of wind possibly helped spare the state.

The only significant fire, which caused awful damage and loss of dozens of homes, was, as is the case for at least 50% of fires, deliberately lit by some arsehole human.

This asinine letter - written by Andrew Bray of Ballarat, who obviously believes himself to be awfully, awfully clever - appears in today's Age newspaper:

Named and shamed

"I'M NOT sure whether I'm permitted to collect the $100,000 reward for "the firebugs responsible for the loss of 30 homes". While I know who one of them is, I don't know where he lives. I'm keen to see him put away as I know he plans to keep doing it.

The reason the bush burned so fiercely and uncontrollably was because it was tinder dry from many years of above-average temperature and historically low rainfall. These conditions, which will only increase in coming years, will ensure that fires continue to threaten life and property, regardless of whether they are lit by people or nature. The bloke you're after is global warming."

Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!


  1. What utter crap! Much nonsense is printed in newspapers these days.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have more thought provoking meatier stuff, such as your,
    "We let the current generations die..." piece, Caz?

    Now, I am going to be a nag again, and urge you to submit it to the Oz newspaper.
    I'll bet you a bottle of champers they'll print it!

  2. I can't second guess why editors select particular letters Kath, but I'm sometimes left wondering, as in this case: are they deliberately being provocative, baiting their readers; or is it, worst case, a genuine agreement with the ninny sentiments of the letter writer combined with never wanting to let a chance go by to fly the global warming / climate change flag?