November 22, 2008


Forget Mars and its buried glaciers for a minute, Enceladus is one of Saturn's moons, and what a ripper of a little planet! White as snow to the human eye, Enceladus is wrinkly, puts on amazing performances spouting jets of icy-water into the atmosphere, and accommodates house-sized ice blocks about the place.

Really, have a look at these amazing photo's (some include artistic impressions, not to mention tiny little astronauts, to illustrate scale).

Be dazzled.

Enceladus: Secrets - pic gallery

Secrets of Saturn's strangest moon


  1. This is an awesome little moon. I've kept my eye on it for a while now... at least since 2006 anyway

  2. Ah Cube, I'd forgotten all about it, despite reading your post way back when!

    Sure has captured my imagination this time. I don't think I'll forget again.

  3. Great post. Found it on Google Blogsearch. Made an entry on the mission today.

    A quote from Scientific American "But, if “Earthrise” reminded us that we are all in this together (and by all means, let us not forget that), then Cassini and Enceladus are proof that beyond out immediate strife, the universe beckons and dares us to a more glorious future. Earth is still rising."

  4. That's a beautiful quote Si, I'm just not entirely sure about a beautiful universe compelling earth to a more glorious future. The two might not go hand in hand.

    I always find NASA photo's compelling and most often use them for my computer background display. Saturn has had to move aside for Enceladus this week! The photo's are so stunning.