September 6, 2008


Among the numerous Sarah Palin mini-scandals that have trickled into public view in the last few days, one of the more disturbing and ugly is Palin's appearance last January on the Bob and Mark Show, where she sat back and listened to the DJs describe Republican State Senate President (and cancer survivor) Lyda Green, whom Palin had bumped heads with in the legislature, as "a cancer. She is nothing but a very jealous woman. I'm going to say what I wish you could say: Lyda Green is a bitch, and she needs to go away, because she is a cancer on the state of Alaska."

Arrrhhh, yep, all those millions of left-over Hillary supporting feminists ought to really go for Palin.

Real charmer.

Palin locks up the feminist vote


  1. "We'd be honored"? . . . Yuck. Somebody posted the full bite in comments; haven't listened yet to see if context makes a diff.

  2. I guess I'm guilty of an inappropriate giggle myself. Nobama has sent 30 lawyers to Alaska to find dirt on Palin. If that's all they can find on her, then I'm not worried.

  3. 30 lawyers???

    Population explosion in Alaska!!!

  4. You know, I'm about to the point where I don't care if Cynthia McKinney stages a coup and becomes dictator for life, just so long as the campaign is over. Christ.

    Okay, give me a sec. I'll get a grip.

  5. "Okay, give me a sec. I'll get a grip."

    I believe you were in search of the penis chronicals thread John.