August 24, 2008

Young and British

"They scream, they sing, they fall down, they take their clothes off, they cross-dress, they vomit."
Konstantinos Lagoudakis, mayor of Malia on Crete, about young British tourists.


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Speaking of vomit:

    To accuse whatsisname of satire is to assume a sense of irony, subtlety, honesty and humour that the man has never exhibited.

    Jacob said...
    "It's a lost cause, Kath. Just look at the comments on that youtube. It's hard to escape the impression both sides exist simply to humiliate and kill each other.

    "And no, I'm no expert on this, nor have I ever been a campaigner for either side. But I know enough about it to recognise crap and dishonesty on the topic when I see it. Which brings me to...

    "Guff, hi! The time has come to spell out what ought to be obvious to you. You're not welcome here, sunshine!

    "For over 2 years now, you've insulted and misrepresented me, fantasised about me applying my mouthparts to the nether regions of your other 'enemies', told me to fuck off on my own blog, etc. etc. etc.[ Like when? - GP]

    "Then recently you came back here with that line about how "nearly impossible" it is for you to stay angry with me. It being, apparently, all about you.

    "Even now, after I demonstrated your habitual dishonesty on the IsPal topic over t'other side, you don't seem to have the slightest compunction or shame, and just carry on with your neurotic little games.

    "Oh yeah, as for my supposedly not being "qualified" to discuss such topics, it's absolutely clear you're simply unfit to discuss them.

    "Anyway, Goof, let me put this as plainly as possible: FUCK OFF!!

    "Any further of your comments here will be deleted. But fear not, deletion is not permanent. I may in future, if I can be bothered, publish a compilation of your greatest hits and (predominantly) misses.

    "Try Webdiary. They seem happy enough to publish any old drivel from you."

    20/8/08 5:23 PM

    You can see for yourself what triggered this most recent stream of foul abuse.

    The man's courage is breathtaking.

    Sorry to load this on you Caz but I need to know something. Am I still welcome here? Or am I banned from this place as well?

  2. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Gee wiz, a fucking ultimatum!!

    Seems you're either with him or against me, Caz.


    But it's okay, I can take it. ;-)

  3. Where's Chalita when you need jolandering??

    This blog is exhibiting the very early signs of being infected by Israel Watch: thread quotations, from other blogs, by the Hoff.

  4. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Being on topic on this post seems a bit out of the ordinary but I'll give it a try...

    The Brits here are known locally as "roast beef": they arrive in France white as snow, quickly turn red in the heat and - like rotting meat - after three days of marinating in the sun no one wants a bar of them!

    The missus (she who can ski well) likes to avoid ski resorts where the Brits frequent. They are known as horrible tourists despite the money they spend which keeps the little villages alive. On the other hand, me (who skis only so well as to reach the bar at the bottom of the hill in one piece) just gets sick of the loudness of the Brits when they get on the sauce.

    I am not sure if this is a reflection of time spent around anti-Brit frogs or Pommie-bashin' Aussies... :)

  5. OMG!

    Does WD still hold people in such evil thrall?

    Either I mis-spoke (it happens) or everyone mis-listened.

    I was actually quite amused by Richard's "you under estimate me" dear chappy comment, since it struck me (tired and grumpy as I was) as being unintentionally ambiguous.

    As for my use of "satire" - could have gone with pathos, irony (my first choice), but then couldn't get my brain to work ... it happens ... yes, I was being very lazy.

    Anyway, whatever it was, it was funny.

    I was laughing (on the inside) at Richard - not at you Geoff!

    I also had a minor snirtle at the remembrance of the way WD articles are so frequently introduced in a gushing manner, as if hitherto unknown intellectual forces are about to be unleashed, when what they most often publish is barely disguised ranting, strung together with disconnected conceptual frameworks and diabolically sloppy logic.

    Oh Geoff, how could you possibly think you are not welcome?

    Your visits are rare, but always treasured for your original wit and insights.

  6. It would seen that the days of Jolandering have permanently bitten that dust Father.

    Fancy, Jolanda finally silence by her nemesis: the Dept of Education.

    Now that's irony, hey?

    I notice you make no mention of cross-dressing Dylan.

    The mayor's quote had me wondering if it was all carried out "in that order" - or if his list was a random compilation of top ten most revolting things that young British tourists do. I rather like the idea of it being "in that order", as it were (the screaming ... etc ... finally ending with nakedness, cross dressing, and vomiting).

    Roast beef will never look the same.

  7. Anonymous10:48 PM

    I'm yet to see a cross-dressing tourist. I think all the one's round these parts are locals.

  8. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Er, thanks Father and Caz for making me go and look. As nearly as I can make it out without looking too close...

    Jolanda closed her blog recently in apparent anticipation of a favourable review. The outcome, however, turned out not so favourable as anticipated. So now the blog's back up and she's soldiering on stoically as ever.


  9. Awe.


    You had to share didn't you Jacob, hey, hey, hey?!

    Darn you!