August 20, 2008

Wednesday Wisdom

"Brown is not a colour, heavy metal is not a type of music, and Courier is not a typeface."

Jim Endersby


  1. Brown is not a colour.

    But who's going to break the news to Roy G Iv?

  2. As for Courier is not a typeface... would Endersby like to say that, face to typeface?

    That would be the End of Endersby, I shouldn't wonder.

  3. Wow - that's a bit weird for me. I've never heard of the Roy G Iv mnemonic, but I've always known the colours of the rainbow - in the right order too. They're just not that difficult to remember.

    As for your interview, didn't Courier's entrance give you a tip off Timmy?

    "Applause and cheers. Courier enters, all smiles and looking just a little bit embarrassed"

    As you do, if you're a pseudo typeface.

  4. Maybe Courier needs a typefacelift.

  5. Struth! Just realised the B in ROYGBIV stands for Blue!

    I'm a nong.

  6. Well, I try not to embarrass my devoted readers.

    So much easier to let them embarrass themselves. :-D

    Jeez Timmy - since when have you been seeing brown rainbows for fuck's sake!

  7. Err, but you do hail from a coal producing part of the country, yes?

  8. Momentary lapse of memory. I learnt the colours and the spectrum and the mnemonic at school but haven't ever really had call to repeat them since.

    I'll be doing my best to commit it to memory for the rest of the night.

    Brown rainbow, eugh. Now there's a horrible idea.

  9. I'm pretty sure I learned the colours from the bible, so, they must be listed in there?

    Sans the helpful mnemonic, I imagine.

    I often repeat the colours to myself, when I see a rainbow, or when I'm trying to recall which are the primary colours, or when I'm sitting in a meeting and don't want to think about sex ...

  10. You are too funny Caz!

  11. Not nearly as funny as you imagine Kath.

    You've never seen the people with whom I have to sit in meetings.

  12. Anonymous7:20 AM

    While I stand by my comment, I made it about 15 years ago and don't remember ever committing it to print, so I'm intrigued as to how you came across it?

  13. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Rather, Jim, how did you come accross Avatar?

    Or have you and Caz got a thingy going?

    On second thoughts where did you get that quote from Caz?

    Does Jim talk in his sleep?

  14. Hmmm
    The plot thickens..

  15. You should lighten up on the vanity searches Jim, schedule it for an annual event rather than a daily activity. ;-)

    An entirely random quip in a room of tech writers, during which I trustingly took it on faith that the words were verbatim and the name was appropriately attributed - I quickly scribbled it down.

    I'm relieved to find that I was neither misquoting nor mis-attributing. I confess that I assumed the quote was printed somewhere, perhaps in a handout from a presentation, so I'm a little stunned to find that that person had a remarkably good memory from an event so long ago (or even from yesterday!) - you obviously made a lasting impression on them.

    On the other hand, perhaps the quote and the context (a presentation, I believe?) has been verbally passed from person to person in certain professionally interested circles. Tech writers are finicky about accuracy, so it would be no surprise that our ilk would pass the quote and the name along safely, with 100% accuracy, not falling victim to Chinese whispers.

    A worthy quote Jim. At last it is in print.

    I hope you don't mind finding yourself a surprise guest on "Wednesday Wisdom".

  16. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Caz, good try but you are just digging a deeper hole for yourself.

    I just googled that quote and this site is the only one that had it.

    How did Jim happen upon this site?

    Does he google that quote on a regular basis?

    Nobody is that vain.

    I agree with Kathy - the plot thickens - may be time to tell the truth Caz - cum on - tell us all the sordid details - please.

  17. A Google of his name throws up many reputable links, this blog not amongst them (perhaps it's linked at number 21,002 of the search results). So yes, it's a mystery how my little place in the metaverse could possibly have been located via a vanity name search.

    Of course, there are probably web monitoring services (much like MSM media monitoring services) that alert people or organisations to what is being said about them online. I would be a little astonished if Jim felt the need for such a service.

    Perhaps one of his relatives, friends or acquaintances lurks at Briefs, and happened upon the Wednesday post?

    Two mysteries must, surely, add up to a profound solution of some sort, non?

  18. Amazing how the people you mention here always show up sooner or later.

  19. This blog truly has amazing powers.

    For heaven's sake, don't quote Shakespeare, or his corpse might arise from the grave and terrorise people before lurching over to the nearest computer and logging on to Avatar Briefs...

  20. Drunka - yes, it's disturbing in its own way. All I have to do is toss in "John G Martin" and badda bing, he turns up!

    Tim - I was thinking a biblical quote would draw out a long line of usual suspects, thus answering, once and for all, the eternal questions of human kind. You'll see it first on this little blog!

  21. Anonymous12:02 PM

    "Perhaps one of his relatives, friends or acquaintances lurks at Briefs, and happened upon the Wednesday post?"

    Now we are getting closer but I don't believe you. My sick and twisted imagination still thinks he talked in his sleep. hehehehehe.

    or did you drug him Caz?

    a fair dinkum journo will anything....

  22. Anonymous7:11 PM

    O BTW Jim: brown is a colour, heavy metal is music and courier is a typeface.

    All are crap though.

  23. a fair dinkum journo will anything....


    But an alleged blogger, nadda.