August 30, 2008


David Duchovny, husband of Tea Leoni, who has failed to be subject of even a lilliputian amount of salacious gossip or trash mag fodder for being an unfaithful floozy, has voluntarily admitted himself to a facility of some sort for sex addiction.


  1. What crap.
    Was there ever such a thing as sex addiction 20 years ago?
    More like Duchovny has an overly inflated opinion of himself.
    It's called ego.
    So called sex addiction is only a symptom, not the cause of his problems, FFS!

  2. Actually 20 years ago it did exit: Michael Douglas invented it, if memory serves.

    Just think it's very odd that a happily, faithful, married man is being treated for this affliction.

    It is at case of Tea getting more than she wishes, or has he been sharing it about?

    It's not the ego that causes these silly "illnesses", the counseling "professions" are fully responsible for these inventions. They're the same people who proudly bought us "recovered memories".

  3. Okay, so he's a root rat then.

    Or maybe he has just become so immersed in his acting role in "Californication" that he believes he is that character?

    Perhaps Duchovny just booked himself in to placate his wife?

    Who really knows, eh?

    We have all certainly come across the bloke who will chase anything in a skirt, non?
    When I first met Rory I was introduced to one of his mates who was just like that.
    Fact is though, he was a thoroughly interesting, intelligent, thoughtful and entertaining guy.
    I could see how he attracted so many women.He genuinely loved women. He knew how to treat women.

    We had many a lively conversation at the Sunday sessions..Many a year ago.. sighs..

    He too, had a wife and baby daughter. His wife left him later because of his wandering ways.
    Years down the track, and some dwindling testosterone later, he said that he regreted his sexual transgressions.
    There was nary a suggestion of sexual addiction back then, by anyone. On the contrary he had many envious mates
    who wished they were in his shoes.

    Today, he is still friends with his former wife and has been a prominent figure in his daughters life.
    Although he now lives in your part of the world Caz, he always keeps in contact.

    Sex addiction is definitely an invention, I agree.

  4. Anonymous10:00 PM

    You wouldn't be calling it an "invention" if you had ever had first hand experience of it. As someone who suffered through an extremely painful divorce from a sex addict who had multiple affairs, slept with prostitutes and had a serious porn addiction, I can tell you it is NOT, unfortunately, an invention. Please educate yourselves about this painful intimacy disorder before making such blanket dismissive statements.

  5. A painful intimacy disorder?

    OMG - that just went to the top of my list of almost all time favorite euphemisms.

    Your ex-husband sounds like a very average guy minus self-control and self-respect, and certainly minus respect for others.

    Yes, he sounds as though he did have an "intimacy disorder", that is, he was incapable of having or maintaining an intimate relationship with anyone, and certainly not a woman.

    I spent a couple of years with a man who liked to believe he was insatiable, a "sex addict", but he was, to my mind, incapable of pleasure, devoid of any real sensuality - the opposite of sex "addiction", if you ask me.

    You married a man who wasn't capable of having a relationship, which resulted in a great deal of pain for you, and, I'd guess no pain for him, because his narcissism would prevent such a feeling. If it makes you feel better to put a "clinical" label on it, a label and diagnosis that has no scientific basis whatsoever, you're free to do so, I won't ever begrudge you that.