August 4, 2008

Bang go demographic trends again

Well, well, well, the gay equality push has sounded the death knell for both accidental relationships and accidental breeding for heterosexuals.

Ah, don't you just love unintended consequences?

I know I do.
"Marriage is being imposed on everyone whether they like it or not," says Patrick Parkinson, professor of law at the University of Sydney. "It will come as a shock to some people."

... couples who entered a de facto relationship intending to keep their assets separate will be treated like married people under the changes. The court will be able to combine their assets and divide them according to "contributions" and "future needs".

The bill will also enable superannuation assets to be split, an option now open only to married people."
Pressure enough on our resources and infrastructure with the single person household continuing it's seemingly unstoppable strong growth; then you throw in a big dollop of men who have decided that their little swimmers will never be used for their intended purpose, more women deciding that their ovum will likewise choke, and a whole basket of women missing the breeding path by dent of the clock passing midnight of it's own accord, not by design - AND NOW the Ruddy government is set to pass legislation that will kill off the whole "trial marriage" thing, the "oops, but we did put the condom on properly" thing, - one or either of which often lead to marriage, or if not marriage, at least a happy little household with a loving family contained therein.

But, no more.

I confidently predict that people will still live together, but far fewer will make it past the two year defacto alarm mark. Most, if they're smart, will have a departure date circled before they've unpacked their bags.

And who can blame them?

The government is about to impose, to force, marriage, or at least a marriage-like state, a marriage-like commitment, on any couple who live together for two years for the purpose of having sexual relations, no matter their oun wishes or intentions in entering into such a living arrangement.

I'm disgusted.

If fewer men and women were marrying and breeding before (and oh yes, we do rather rely on those pesky heterosexuals for population replacement purposes), just wait until the pending precipitous decline hits in the next decade.

Way to go the Federal ALP.

Couldn't foresee a few dozen foreseeable consequences if they whacked 'em in the face and blinded 'em.

Till debt do us part: a rude shock for defactos

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