July 10, 2008

Too little, too late?

"Prosecutors in the US say DNA tests have cleared the parents and brother of JonBenet Ramsey of any involvement in her murder almost 12 years ago.

However, the district attorney in Boulder, Colorado, says new DNA tests point to the involvement of an "unexplained third party".

DNA tests exonerate parents of JonBenet Ramsey

"New DNA tests, which focus on skin cells left behind from a mere touch, point to a mysterious outsider. "
Prosecutor: DNA clears JonBenet Ramsey's family


  1. Oh yes Drunka, the logical deduction going on is frightening.

    There is no scientific or legal exactitude being exercised in "declaring" the family innocent of any involvement (before, during or after).

    Sloppy, shoddy, unethical, would be my thoughts.

    Reads more like a Sherlock Holmes parody: "we found a speck of saliva identified as belonging to a canine on the mail box, we now declare that self-described blogger Drunkablog is innocent of burning the house down. We would also note that we now reject any notion that the self-described blogger ate mashed potatoes for dinner on the night in question. The potatoes were likely eaten by an unidentified priest."