July 25, 2008


This was always going to be the outcome.

Did anyone genuinely believe otherwise?

Now every single politician in the world is playing at being deaf, dumb and blind.

Call them diplomats if you will.

I call them black-hearted-dumb-fuck-arseholes.

"To win the right to host the Games, Beijing promised to expand press freedoms for foreign reporters and implied that opening China to the world would help expand human rights more generally.

We will never know whether China’s leaders intended to keep their word. What we do know is that the International Olympic Committee, corporate sponsors and governments around the world should have held China to its word. They have not, and China has read their silence as complicity.

China has jailed critics, denied visas and threatened news organizations that negative coverage could jeopardize their chance to cover the Games.

According to Human Rights Watch, at least 10 foreign journalists, including Newsweek’s China bureau chief, have received anonymous death threats since they reported on the violence in Tibet. Government authorities have also used police intimidation and bribery to try to silence parents demanding an accounting for the reprehensibly shoddy construction that caused schools to crumble, killing thousands of children in the May 12 earthquake in Sichuan Province. Thousands of people have been evicted from their homes in Beijing as the city cleans up for international TV crews.

Corporate sponsors for the Games seem determined to look the other way. Most world leaders, including President Bush, also have been too silent. We accept Mr. Bush’s decision to attend the opening ceremonies, but we see no sign that he got anything for it."

China's unreality TV


  1. "I call them black-hearted-dumb-fuck-arseholes"

    I'm with you Caz.
    It's a bloody disgrace.

  2. We should have boycotted.

  3. Boycott?

    The IOC should be fired.

    The IOC members play fast and loose with politics, passing off their sleazy ways as being, somehow, in the spirit of the world all joining hands.

    China should never have been given the gig; the arguments in favor were always as convincing as the whole 'the baggage handler carried 4.2 kilos of weed up his sleeve and taped it into my boogie board bag' story.


    BTW - results of a survey, published last week found that the Chinese were the happiest / most proud / yadda yadda country in the world, Australians were second, I think, and Americans were on the bottom, being the most pessimistic nation, with a very dim view of themselves.

    The left have won, not only in other countries but in the US itself.

    I was left to ponder what use it does for Americans to be self-loathing, and why anyone would believe such a state of affairs to be a good thing, a triumph of sorts.

  4. Really, was it ever going to be any other way? Was it?

    Credulous and then spinelss arseholes the lot.

  5. And now Australian athletes have been given permission to pull out of the games because of smog.!
    The IOC sure have a lot to answer for.
    What about "duty of care" to the athletes.


  6. What about the global politicians duty of care to the whole of human kind, hey Kath?

    As Father said: spinless.

    I'm taking bets that not a single Aussie athlete will pull out. They'll bleat about it (poor pampered luvvies) when they don't win gold though.