July 17, 2008

The real stuff

NASA workers donate 30 litres of urine each day to space program contractor Hamilton Sundstrand.

No, not for drug testing.

The urine collection caper is a long standing NASE tradition for use in the design of better space toilets.

According to someone who must have intimate knowledge of these things:

Urine is a mess because urine is full of solids. Those solids clog the venting system for dumping pee, making it a challenge to keep the disposal system clear.

NASA workers: giving that little bit extra.


  1. Wow. When NASA take the piss, they REALLY take the piss!

    Someone had to say it...

  2. Yes they did Tim.

    See how easy I make it for you?

    You can drop by here at any given moment and never risk needing to exercise a single synapse or wantonly waste a neuron.