July 13, 2008

Knox & Viv

The Brangelina twins have arrived, bringing the total to three bio-children, one Cambodian, one Vietnamese and one Ethiopian.

Angelina Jolie gives birth to twins


  1. "Knox!" Someone oughta knock some sense into those two.

    And when they are through they can get stuck into Keith and Nic.
    Never on Sunday, though..

  2. I'm pretty sure there's a Knox shopping centre - perhaps an entire suburb called Knox (?) - somewhere in my part of the country Kath, but other than that, I no not Knox.

    Knox Pitt.

    Knox Jolie.

    Knox Jolie-Pitt.

    Whatever, it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue with any degree of lyricism.

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Paper here yesterday said a mag in the States paid $11 million for the first photos - unbelieveable. Wonder if we'll be able to get anyone to cough up that sort of dough for our kids (whenever we get around to publishing...er...breeding).

  4. I'm hoping the good wife is ... oooh, maybe about 11 years old (albeit, remarkably mature looking for her age)... with many healthy ovary years ahead of her Dylan.

    On that basis, we can start passing the hat now, so that by the time your photo's are developed we could aim to have reached a sum of $1532.33.

    Now, if you come back to Oz for the birth, throw in the gov't baby bonus, that will give you a total of $6532.33.

    Almost enough for a large flat screen telly.

  5. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Bah! Is that all?

    We're starting on the effort shortly, BTW, and barely a day goes by when I don't hear the good woman comment "Do like the name XXXX?".

    I've found the least useful response to that question is "What - for a dog?".

    On the matter of babies, I'm in charge of my French niece's English language lessons. She's only just 13 months old but she seems to be doing fine. I'm claiming "Ma" as an English word and - as a result - I am arguing that this is the first bay in the family to speak her first word in a foreign language. :) Sadly, by the time she grows up she'll probably need Chinese more than English...

  6. Well, look where speaking Mandarin got Kev Rudd ...

    Is the good Mrs D partial to French names for the D-ettes to be?

    I relate to the dog name thing.

    I swear I'm going to have to buy a dog some day, just so I can call it Montana.

    And yes, my daughter is relieved that I am past breeding my own children, and even more relieved that Montana is a name I became fond of long after her birth.

  7. Well, they couldn't call it Kid Of Fuckheads.
    Sorry, that's rude.

    Is it just me, or is Jolie and her united nations of family an annoying notion to others? It's not a family, it's like, I dunno, a specimen zoo.

  8. Montana? As in Hannah?

  9. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Caz, she's actually all over the American names.

    The leading name for the boys is "Tyler" and for the girls is "Lyla".

    I've always been partial to 'Charlotte' myself.

  10. Kae - bad enough that they've now got Pax and Knox, adding Fuckhead would just be cruel.

    Yes, it's like a circus freak show. "Oooh, look: can you pick the bio-child? And there's the Albanian. And there, if you look under the couch is the Ethiopian. Out in the back yard there's a Ukranian ... "

    There's a little too much exalted pride in kiddy-shopping in this manner for my tastes. Makes me a tad queasy without quite being able to pin point why - an instinctive nausia. Particularly when coupled with Jolie's odd view that her own child was "born privileged" so doesn't need parenting or attention. *Splutter* The shop-bought kiddies became just as privileged - unavoidably so - the very second she had them gift wrapped. Those kids aren't going to remember one single second of being a deprived baby.

    Kathy - oh gawd NO. I latched onto Montana quite some years ago now. (Hey, don't forget what The Princess's name is either, btw! Cities and states are a bit of a theme with me ... weird, I know.)

    Dylan - well, well, seems I have a bit in common with your tastes and a bit in common with the good Mrs D.

    I considered Charlotte for my Princess, still very fond of the name, pretty, feminine, difficult to shorten, and not dirt common.

    Tyler - yep, like that one very much. The Princess would have been Travis had she been a boy, and Tyler has that kind of ring to it. Plus, there's Tyler from "Fright Club" - so how could I not like the name?

    Lyla - oh dear. Less said the better. Best convince Mrs D to let Lyla lay.